Kathy's Work

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Bowling Balls 12x12 $200

Butler Street 26x34 $1000

Corn Crib 16x12 $250

County Side 12x32 $450

Earl's farm Market 16x12 $200

Farm Scene 12x16 $200

from Mt.Pisgah 18x24 $425

Historic Barn 12x16 $200

Ice fishing 12x16 $200

MT Baldhead 12x16 $200

Rootbeer Barrel 13x30 $500

Sylvia's Garden 12x16 $200

The Front Porch 16x12 $200

Uncommon Grounds 12x16 $200

Vineyard 12x16 $200

White Birch 16x12 $200


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