first impressions

Zoey Zacharski Mrs. Brownell English 9 H-2 13 september 2013 First Impression High school is always a kid’s dream, wanting to be top knotch. I always dreamt of walking into school, turning the corner to my locker, and seeing Troy Bolten standing there with a basketball in his hand, ready to sing his duet with me. I did not think it mattered what grade I was in because everyone was friendly, and better yet evrybody loved to sing. So basically, my first impression of high school happend to be made up rom some phony movie I watched when I was ten.

The first day was not like I had planned. First things first, upperclassmen do not like freshmen. Nobody actually sings in between classes or during a basketball game. There is no such thing as a Troy Bolten. He was no where in sight the whole first day. My new impression of high school was nothing like before; looking at the school was like looking at a Jail. “The” impression started to change once the second day had started, there was omeone waiting for me at my locker.

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It was not Troy but someone making high school a little better for me, Drew Devine, a smart, good looking kid, who also plays basketball. There is one downfall of high school and it is homework, which is typical considering it is high school. My first impression of high school is nothing like the actual impression of being there. One thing from the movie I learned was at lunch there would be different cliques, which happend to be true.

There’s the varsity ootball team at a table, the couples, and groups of friends that have been together since pre-school. There are great teachers unlike Ms. Darvis in the movie where all of my information came from. Also contrary to High School Musical, sports are not everything when it comes to school. Grades actually matter, which is a huge difference in my impressions. My first impression had changed tremendously walking through the doors at Marshall High School. first impressions By zazcharskil 1