How to Keep Teenagers Out of Trouble

Do curfews really keep our teens out of trouble? Parents force their teenagers to come home at a certain time. The only problem is will they abide to their parent’s rules? Curfews might seem like the solution to keep our teenagers out of trouble but let’s not kid ourselves, curfews do not work. Curfews make our teenagers rebel against our rules, our kids can be in danger even inside our homes, and curfews do not prevent our children from doing drugs or alcohol. Teenagers must have their freedom or else they will rebel against their parent’s ules.

Parents cannot always keep a teenager locked up inside their house. Teenagers will do anything they desire to do regardless if parents give them permission or not. If feel a teenager must sneak out, lie, or skip school in order to be with their friends then they will do so. If teenagers are invited to out go out with their friends in the middle of the night, but they have a curfew and the only way they can go to the out by sneaking out of the homes. Doing things behind their parent’s back ives a teen a thrill and excitement.

Teenagers, with no doubt, will sneak out their parent’s home if they see an opportunity. In result, parents have no clue their children where their children are, in fact, they have no clue their children have left. A parent must be in control of their children, but they must give their children their trust that their child will not go out causing trouble. If a parent raises a child properly, then he or she consciously know whether they are doing something wrong r right.

Curfews can lead our children to meet pedophiles online. We like to think our homes are the safest place for our children, but in reality, danger surrounds us at all times. With our technology today children have laptops, phones, social media networks, and unlimited access to the internet. After curfew hours, children feel bored and they will look for something to do to entertain their selves. Mostly everyone today have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more social edia networks.

The scary fact is pedophiles make accounts and search for victims they can lure in. We never know who are children are talking to when they are on their phones or laptops, but assume they are talking to their friends or family. Not letting our children out and having fun with their friends can lead them to feel lonely and puts them in danger of meeting pedophiles online that will give our children the attention they want from friends. How to Keep Teenagers Out of Trouble By Kriscian