Montana Summary

Chapter One and Prologue. The novel Montana was written by Larry Watson. In the prologue, the author writes the reason why he wrote this story and the main plot of this story. From chapter one, we can know that the family lived in Mercer Country, Montana. The author himself is an inward boy but wants to go outside to satisfy himself. His father, Wesley, has broken legs and is a sheriff. His mother, Gail, is an urban woman who wants to move out of this small town and wants his father to be an attorney. And his

Uncle Frank is a war hero of Montana. What’s more, this family has a housekeeper named Marie. And, the author loved her. One day, Marie has a fever. David’s parents want to call Frank, Wesleys brother to come because he is a doctor and they don’t have to pay. But Marie insists she doesn’t need a doctor. However, Frank comes anyway. During the time Frank is in Marie’s room, Marie shouts a lot of times. Then Gail gets in the room. When she comes out, she was pretty angry because she knows form Marie that Frank takes indecent liberties to Indian girls.

But her husband doesn’t believe that and always asks why. Then they go to Len’s house, who is the deputy of Wesley. Later that night, Gail and Wesley have a conversation. Wesley actually knows everything about Frank now, but he doesn’t want to admit that although he was guilty. Summary of Montana Chapter Two After hearing Franks indecent liberties from the mother, the father starts to investigate the accusation. At one night, the father asks David and his mother to go out because he wants to have a conversation with Marie in private. During the time

David and his mother are out, he tries to let her mother tell him everything and let him get involved in this thing; however, her mother chooses to let him out of this thing. The following Sunday, Marie gets better and the whole family goes to David’s grandfather’s house. When they are there, Wesley has a conversation with his father about Frank and he finds that his father knows everything about Frank and Indian girls. Then after lunch, David finds his father and Uncle Frank have a conversation. He cannot hear anything but finds they are at first arguing but finally they are good gain.

The next day on August 23, Marie died. And according to Frank, she died because of Pneumonia. But David sees Frank cutting across their backyard. And David tells those things to his parents that night. After heard all of these, Wesley tries to find a lot of excuses for his brother Frank, but Gail, David’s mother, always believes that Frank is a bad person and should be punished. Summary of Montana Chapter Two g r s. Then atter lunch, David tinds his tatner and Uncle Frank nave a conversation. that Frank is a bad person and should be punished.