Ways To Improve College Education

Why College education is so important? America’s colleges and universities are in crisis. They cost far too much: America spends thousands more per post-secondary student than any other OECD nation. For all that money, we achieve outcomes: 42 percent of students who enter a four-year institution fail to leave that school with a degree within six years, and studies find that many students’ improvement in thinking skills is insignificant or nonexistent.

Graduates typically leave with mountains of debt and struggle to find work. n a trend that would have been unthinkable ten years ago, Americans are expressing skepticism about higher education??”not Just with their voices, but also with their pocketbooks and their time. At all but the most elite schools, application numbers are down, and students are increasingly choosing less- expensive schools, starting at community colleges, or otherwise seeking to control costs. Colleges are feeling the pinch. Specially college tuition has become a major issue for the middle class family.

It was too high for them, but the education system of college is the same like it was 50 years ago. There are three ways we can make it right. Require a core curriculum, Improve the technology , and, Reform the college accreditation System. These three things can really change the college education. A core curriculum should be mandatory for each college students. It used to be common for students to begin their college careers with a general education program made up of core courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and a few other subjects.

Often these courses introduced students to great works and ideas; at their best, such courses provided students in disparate fields with a common intellectual experience and urned them into a community of learners. And in any event they leave all students witn a common grounding in basic knowledge. Today, however, only a tew schools maintain such curricula, and many college graduates lack even basic knowledge of western culture and the world in which they live. American Council of Trustees and Alumni’s (ACTA) “What Will They Learn? project studies the curricula of more than 1,000 colleges and universities. Students’ ignorance reflects their poor curricula. A recent ACTA survey found that large majorities of recent college graduates were nable to answer correctly many questions about American history and government ??”such as identifying George Washington as the General at Yorktown, or the terms of office for Senators and Members of Congress. Each campus constituency has work to do in changing the culture of ignorance. Faculty can build centers on campus to teach liberal learning in a rigorous way.

Technology can really improve the whole education system. Bill Gates recently spoke to community college trustees about the potential of technology to improve and personalize learning in higher education. We know that students succeed when ducation is tailored to their learning needs, and goals. Technology can strengthen the powerful learning connection between instructor and student, and to give students learning experiences that make the most of their precious time with faculty. Technology can play an important role in making that happen, as Bill explains in his remarks.

Technology is Just one way to improve how students and faculty interact and relate. In today’s world technology has reached its standard level. So it can truly help to improve our college education. Reformation of the college accreditation system is another vital way to improve the ollege education. The six main regional accrediting agencies have, under federal law, for decades held the task of determining which colleges within their geographical regions are of sufficient quality to make them eligible for federal student aid??”a life-or-death financial issue for almost every school.

The accredit-ors are supposed to ensure that schools that receive federal money meet basic standards of educational quality. Students and families depend on accredit-ors for the same reason: to ensure that their very expensive investment will result in a quality education. Unfortunately, accredit-ors have utterly failed to ensure quality. Federal financial aid represents such a large fraction of schools’ budgets that very few schools can survive without access to federal funds??”or push back when accredit-ors overstep their bounds.

The accreditation process can take years and cost more than a million dollars. Start-up schools fight through a years-long twilight existence before they are able to compete. If accreditation agencies started acting like business consultancies and consumer-information agencies, the needed changes to higher education would come swiftly. It’s really important to Change the system to improve our higher education. As we know, education is the backbone of the nation.

If we don’t improve our education it will be difficult to compete with modern world. The three things I have mentioned can improve our education system undoubtedly. Core curriculum is really necessary for students to understand about all the basic things, which will help them to enlarge their knowledge. Technology is another important factor, it has the ability to improve our education. Reformation of the college accreditation system is also another great way ot improving our college education.